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Cornerstone Family Schools has many opportunities for academic achievements.

Scholarships/Valedictorian Opportunities:

The Cornerstone Family Schools Board appointed a committee (the CFS Scholarship Committee) to consider scholarship opportunities for CFS students. As part of the committee’s charter, selection criteria for a class Valedictorian has been developed. Designation of a class Valedictorian will allow that student to document academic achievement and puts them in position for some key scholarships. This is one step in the committee’s work to identify and communicate scholarship opportunities. There will be other opportunities in the future.

We plan to name a CFS Valedictorian in the spring, if there are enough students who show interest. If your student is interested in finding out more information regarding a Valedictorian, please click on the following links below, and download/print the forms for your personal use.

Andrew Herbig, Chairperson – CFS Scholarship Committee

Honors Society:

More info coming soon.


The CFS school code for PSAT is 991799
The CFS school code for ACT is 172906