About Us

Cornerstone Family Schools (CFS) is an independent, parent-led organization that provides extracurricular opportunities and educational accountability for its members – Christian homeschooling families in the Topeka, KS area.

Cornerstone Family Schools began in 1990, after operating as a pilot satellite school of Cair Paravel-Latin School for eight years. Since then, the organization has grown to offer elementary-aged field trips, competitive sports, and a fine arts program that has garnered top awards at the national level.

An elected board, comprised of Cornerstone member parents, meets monthly to guide the organization. The board members, who serve three-year terms, oversee the budget, activity policies, and many other points of business.


Guidelines & Procedures:

CFS Board of Directors:

  • Roger & Labecca Gibson: Chair | Fine Arts Ambassador
  • Gary & Labeth Pendergrass: Vice Chair | Membership Ambassador
  • David & Dana King: Secretary | Communications Ambassador
  • Todd & Angela Beemer: Treasurer | Administration Ambassador
  • Jim & Steph Hanna: Events Ambassador
  • Larry & Boni Butel: Athletics Ambassador
  • Shawn & Tonya Schwensen: Academics Ambassador


Volunteer Opportunities:

Mailing Address:

Cornerstone Family Schools, PO Box 4968, Topeka KS 66604

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